Website Tip #2-Get Geographic on it!

When I’m looking for a local business, I’d like to know whether or not you services my area before I waste both your’s and my time emailing or calling you.  What exactly does “Servicing Central Connecticut” actually mean?  

Why would I waste my time calling a company that might not even service my area?  Please throw me a bone and tell me what cities and towns you actually service.  If you don’t, I’m gonna hit the back button and go to the next company in my search results.

Our Friends at Google  

I live in Central Connecticut, South of Hartford, East of the Connecticut River, in Middlesex County,  in a town called East Hampton (East Hampton boasts, the only remaining bell factory and Witch Hazel refinery in the US!) and my zip code is 06424.  

So why am I telling you this? Well the bells and Witch Hazel are irrelevant, but the other information:

  • Central Connecticut
  • South of Hartford
  • East of the Connecticut River
  • Middlesex County
  • East Hampton
  • 06424

These are all keywords that I might use to narrow down my online search and most importantly for you, if you site contains the geographic specific terms you are going to be more likely to rank higher on the search result page.

A second benefit is that you is your prospective customer won’t be left wondering if you service his area.

Get Specific

Create a “Our Service Area” page and get specific.  Maps are great, but Google doesn’t read images, so having a map of you service area is great for you customer, but not so good for the search engines.  You still need to list out the specifics.

Use the terminology the you customers use. In Connecticut, terms like shoreline, Gold Coast (that’s Fairfield County were all the rich people actually live, and yes we consider it part of New York), the Quiet Corner, East and West of the River are quite common.

You can never go wrong with naming:

  • Cities
  • Towns
  • Counties  
  • Zip Codes.

Take into account how people identify with their locations.  

For example I grew up in the town of East Lyme Connecticut 06333.  Strangely the the East Lyme Town Hall is in Niantic, 06357, which is a Village within East Lyme.  I think this is a New England thing I thing like drinking soda, while eating a wicked good grinder.  We tend to include one or more Villages, some even with their own Zip Codes, within our towns.

In a case like Niantic, people really identify themselves as being from Niantic.  I grew up in the Northern part of town, or Flanders Village, but up North, we tended to identify ourselves as just being from East Lyme. You could leave Flanders off you list, but if you left Niantic off you’d miss out on some of the Google search juice.

Just try to put yourself in your customers heads and how they identify where they live.

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