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Effective advertising or Feeding your Ego?

There are fourteen ways to either drive customers to your door or flush your money down the toilet; the choice is yours. Before you spend one thin dime on advertising, ask yourself- “Will this bring in business, or is it

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Are You Selling HVAC Service, Or a Used Buick?

Are you selling HVAC service or a used Buick? Call me cynical, but I’ve always lumped salespeople into one of two groups; those that sell using knowledge, and those that sell using the double handshake.  In my opinion both sales

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Why did you hire a Linebacker to run your business?

I’m not the smartest guy in the world (just ask my wife) and I never claimed to be.  Regardless of my lack of intelligence, I’m lucky to have a fair amount of common sense to compensate for my blue collar

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