I only work on….

    Zen’s thought of the day: “I only work on boilers” “I only work on chillers” “I only work on……”   Here’s what we have to say about the “I only work on” mindset- “Your an expert on one?

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Becoming A Diagnostic Tyrannosaurus.

The Most Important Diagnostic Tool You Own Is…You. Understand this; you are the diagnostic tool. Fancy true RMS meters, electronic gauge sets, digital manometers, electronic wet-bulb thermometers (just to name a few) are awesome tools…for gathering data. Data you can’t

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To all the technicians who have duty this Thanksgiving

Pulling duty during the holidays may suck (big time) but remember;  you’re making someone else’s holiday complete. No phone is an inconvenience, so is no internet. No cable or satellite means no football. However, no-heat is a no-joke emergency to

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CPS Solenoid Magnet, the “Why Didn’t I Think of That” tool of the week.

Some components are a real pain to troubleshoot; solenoid valves definitely fit in this category and inflict their fair share of misery.  Not anymore! CPS makes the TLMKC18, a magnet that slips over the solenoid’s stem, allowing you to activate

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Are You Selling HVAC Service, Or a Used Buick?

Are you selling HVAC service or a used Buick? Call me cynical, but I’ve always lumped salespeople into one of two groups; those that sell using knowledge, and those that sell using the double handshake.  In my opinion both sales

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Why did you hire a Linebacker to run your business?

I’m not the smartest guy in the world (just ask my wife) and I never claimed to be.  Regardless of my lack of intelligence, I’m lucky to have a fair amount of common sense to compensate for my blue collar

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