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Heat Exchanger Failure #5 – Air Flow.

How can air flow cause a heat exchanger to fail? Too much airflow causes the heat exchanger to run cool causing condensation to form inside, and if you read the previous articles you know what that means.   (If you

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Heat Exchanger Failure #3 – Low RAT.

In part 2 we told you that over-sizing is the number one killer of gas heat exchangers, so what’s number two? The RAT! No, not the four legged, scurrying around vacant warehouse type. RAT as in Return-Air-Temperature, or more specifically,

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Heat Exchanger Failure #2 – Bigger Ain’t Better

Everyone sizes a rooftop unit based on the building’s cooling load, but when it comes to the heating side they always say- “I don’t wanna have problems come winter, make it high heat” Rooftop units are sized by cooling capacity,

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Heat Exchanger Failure #1

Heat Exchanger Failure Season is Coming! (Ok, some call winter….whatever, same thing) In the next few weeks many of you will be knee deep in failed heat exchangers; it’s how I know winter is on its way. Some of you

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