So, you want to be an engineer?

engineerLike all parents, the farmer wanted his son to have a better life than he had.

And, like most parents, he thought sending the boy to college was the best way to accomplish this.
So, the farmer scrimped and saved until he had enough money to send his son off to college.

His son’s educational choice? An HVAC engineer!

The boy studied hard and was doing well in his classes.
He could hardly wait for the first school break to come home to see his parents.
The boy came home, walked in the house, and hugged his mother and father.
After some small talk the father said “well, let’s hear some of that engineer schooling you been getting.
The boy thought for a moment and proudly said- “Well, I learned Pie-R-Squared”
The farmer took off his hat, scratched his head, rubbed his sunburned neck, and dropped his gaze to the floor.
He slowly raised his head to look at his son and said:
Damn it boy! Don’t you know nuthin!
Any dang fool knows that pie are ROUND and cake are SQUARE!
I should’ve used that college money to buy me a new tractor!












Patrick is Zen HVAC’s diagnostic and training guy. Patrick started in the trade the day he left technical school and never looked back. He's served in various technical and training roles in the HVAC industry but specializes in system troubleshooting and diagnostics, retro commissioning, and technical training. His moto: If I can understand it, anybody can. Patrick uses the Zen common sense approach to teach Patrick’s Likes- His Wife, kids and dog. Old pickup trucks. Hiking. The industrial Revolution. Patrick’s Dislikes- Taking work too seriously. Anything unintuitive. Emoticons :( Patrick’s Favorite famous person- Theodore Roosevelt “I am only an average man, But I work harder at it than the average man" Famous Patrick Quote- “Well, that was stupid of me”

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