Refrigerant R410a is Here to Stay

410aIt’s time to accept R-410A as the new R-22 (at least for now)

It may be hard to believe, but there are still technicians who think of R-410A as that “new fangled refrigerant with the crazy-high pressures that the ‘Man’ forced on us”.

I’ve got four words for those guys; Get over it already.

Let’s take a look at those so called “crazy-high” pressures everyone is so worried about.

Way back in the days before energy efficiency was all the rage R-22 condenser coils used a single pass of HUGE, unrifled tubing with aluminum fins spaced so far apart you could see through them. On a hot day these monsters ran a 350 pound head pressure, and that was with a clean coil!

When energy costs hit the roof, energy efficiency became the number one concern. Manufactures started using multi-pass, rifled tubing with a bunch more cooling fins per inch. The result was head pressures dropping from the 325 range to about 200.

So, what’s this have to do with R-410A pressures? If you haven’t noticed, R-410A head pressures typically run about 375 psig; not much higher than R-22 in the days of old.

What is R-410A’s real downfall? The color of the darn can; who came up with Pink?! All I can say is, put on your “big technician panties” and accept it. It’s not going away any time soon.

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