It’s Our Purpose

The HVAC industry holds a special place in the service and construction trades.

HVAC is the only trade where the technician must be highly competent in all other trades; Piping, Hydronics, Electrical, Electronics, Indoor Air Quality, Water Quality, Air Balancing, Site Work, Structural Work, Rigging, and the toughest of all skills, Customer diplomacy.

It’s also the only trade where the end user is entirely dependent on your skills.

You won’t find many ‘Weekend Warriors’ tackling a compressor replacement, analyzing a boiler combustion gasses, or repairing a refrigerant leak.

Home owner or facilities engineer; they leave HVAC to the professionals.

Being that they are at your mercy, don’t you owe them the best service you can provide?

Where does ZenHVAC fit in?

ZenHVAC is not for technicians who don’t have basic industry knowledge; there are many technical schools that are doing an excellent job training our future technicians.

We’re not here to provide training on specific makes of equipment; HVAC equipment manufacturers provide brand specific training.

We’re here to address the area in between.

After technical schools teach trade theory, the student is released into the workforce and teamed with a senior technician to learn how to apply the theory in the ‘real’ world.

Unfortunately, there are few, if any, standards at this point.

The lack of training standards results in future technicians not only picking up valuable knowledge, but also picking up bad habits and incorrect knowledge.

We tie theory to real-world using proven, fast, easy to understand, methods.

We realize time is money and you have a life outside of HVAC. Our training programs are short, to the point, and contain only the information that will be of use to you.

Let us help you become the best technician you can be.

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