Mechanics and Technicians

Mechanics are the folks who change belts and filters, clean coils, punch tubes, grease bearings, replace / rebuild compressors, repair refrigerant leaks, replace failed fan motors, and perform general repair work. While mechanics fill a much needed spot in the HVAC ranks, their not as specialized as a technician. Most people who are mechanically inclined can be a good mechanic with some general industry training. Add a few years of field experience and they are the next generation of Technicians.
If Cooter from the Dukes of Hazard and Mater from Cars had a love child it would grow up to be an HVAC mechanic.

Technicians are the elite of an elite industry. If HVAC technicians were movie characters they would be Winston Wolfe from Pulp Fiction. They resolve problems that leave the rest of the heard scratching their heads. They jump in, get it done, and get out.
If Sherlock Holmes and Albert Einstein had a love child it would be an HVAC Technician…a butt-ugly love child, but a love child destined to be a HVAC Technician none the less.

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Patrick is Zen HVAC’s diagnostic and training guy. Patrick started in the trade the day he left technical school and never looked back. He's served in various technical and training roles in the HVAC industry but specializes in system troubleshooting and diagnostics, retro commissioning, and technical training. His moto: If I can understand it, anybody can. Patrick uses the Zen common sense approach to teach Patrick’s Likes- His Wife, kids and dog. Old pickup trucks. Hiking. The industrial Revolution. Patrick’s Dislikes- Taking work too seriously. Anything unintuitive. Emoticons :( Patrick’s Favorite famous person- Theodore Roosevelt “I am only an average man, But I work harder at it than the average man" Famous Patrick Quote- “Well, that was stupid of me”

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