Kevin F.

Kevin is Zen HVAC’s “Marketing Eye for the HVAC Guy”

Kevin keeps us grounded in the reality that most people (specifically your customers) don’t find HVAC all that interesting until it stops working.

(Don’t forget what HVAC really stands for)

His experience includes successful entrepreneur, commercial business to business sales and marketing.

In short, Kevin is Zen’s “Conduit to the world outside HVAC”.

Kevin’s expertise is in sales, marketing and branding. (He created Zen’s logo and website) He’s also a master at SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimization for us HVAC types) that will bring customers to your cyber door.

Kevin applies the Zen common sense approach to marketing and sales so you can stop wasting money on ineffective advertising.

(If you’re still paying for a full page yellow Pages add you need to step out of the nineties…unless your target audience is hoarders)

Kevin’s Likes- His wife, kids and dog, guitars, running, outside-the-box knowledge.

Kevin’s dislikes- Advertising and marketing methods that went out when AOL was in.

Kevin’s favorite famous person- Seth Godin “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention”

Famous Kevin quote- “The 1990’s called…they want their marketing strategy back”

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