James D.

James is Zen HVAC’s business and operations guru.

James is a Marine Corps Veteran with a Master’s degree in business, but his background doesn’t stop there; James has held HVAC positions such as field operations manager, business manager and Project Manager.

James’ combined experience equates to operations and business strategies that don’t know the meaning of the word fail.

Have you ever wondered why your business is treading water? or why the competition is thriving and growing while you’re scrambling and scratching?

The answer is simple; There’s more to running an HVAC business than tools and trucks.

James uses a common sense approach to make business and operations easy…and profitable.

James’ likes- His wife, kids and dog. Running. High margins. Winning.

James’ dislikes- Non billable time. Lost opportunity costs. Loosing.

James’ favorite famous person- Chesty Puller “We are surrounded, that simplifies the problem”

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