Internet Security-Part 3-Password Do’s

Hopefully in Internet Security-Part, Password Don’ts, I convinced you how important strong passwords are.

What is a strong password?
An 8 digit numbers only password only has 99,999,999 possible combinations. How long do you think that would take a computer program to figure out?

Eight random letters, has 2,088,270,604,576, combining letters and numbers adds 8 more digits to the numbers.

If we were to include symbols such as ?$#@%&* our passwords becomes even stronger.

Today, most passwords are case sensitive. By combining upper and lower case letters in a password, we now working with 52 letters, instead of 26. Also, consider using capitalization wrong. Yes, get revenge on your 12th grade English teacher and capitalize the second letter of a form word “kEvin”, or capitalize the last “keviN”

Tips for creating strong passwords

  • Combine letters, numbers and symbols
  • Substitute numbers and symbols for letters
  • The longer the better
  • Avoid dictionary words
  • Use capitalization
  • Use capitalization wrong
  • Avoid using personal information that can easily be found out about you online. (That basically means any personal information)

In part three, we will explore some strategies for creating strong passwords that we can actually remember.

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