Internet Security Part 2-Password Don’ts

Your username and password are you first line of defense for keeping your online information and accounts safe.

Don’t not change your password Frequency

No matter how strong your passwords are, if your bank, credit card company or email host gets hacked, then they have your password, but the password becomes useless once you’ve changed it. Most experts recommend change your passwords at at least once a month.   

On an Island by itself

Do not use the same password on multiple sites, or if you do reuse passwords for low damage sites such as online forums, comment section on websites, please, I’m pleading with you, don’t use that password on any important sites, like email, banking, online storage, etc… If a hacker knows one of your passwords, that is the first password he is going to try on another of your accounts.

Password Don’t

  • Don’t use just numbers 
    • Just how long do you think it would take a computer program to try every variation on a 8 digit number?
  • Avoid dictionary words and names
  • Don’t use you kids or pets names, old phone numbers, 1234, abcd, password (yes a lot of people use password for their password).
  • Don’t use the same password on multiple sites


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