How can one half-hour equal four and a half weeks?

Try to imagine an alternate universe, where when you went to work next Monday, your boss asks you into his office and then informs you, that for the next four and half workweeks, your job was to focus on mastering any skill you choose?

What could you do with that time?

I know winning the lottery is more likely than some stingy old Scrooge, granting a lowly worker bee over 180 hours of time to simply focus on getting good at something.

What if I told you there was a more realistic way, in our actual universe, to get that 180 hours (actually 182.5 hours)?

The solution is simple math:

30 minutes per day x 365 days = 10,950 minutes

10,950 minutes / 60 minutes = 182.5 hours

Bam! One half-hour per day, 3.5 hours per week is the same as 4-½ work weeks.

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