Heat Exchanger Failure #3 – Low RAT.

ratIn part 2 we told you that over-sizing is the number one killer of gas heat exchangers, so what’s number two?

The RAT!
No, not the four legged, scurrying around vacant warehouse type.

RAT as in Return-Air-Temperature, or more specifically, low return air temperature.

How does low RAT kill a heat exchanger? The same way over-sizing does; it causes the flue gas temperature to drop below its dew point. The resulting moisture mixes with the products of combustion and forms acid.
So, what causes of low RAT?
• Leaking curb gasket (drawing in outside air)
• Economizer open (too much ventilation air?)
• Space temperature set-point too low (warehouse, unoccupied?)
In the end, if you don’t have a corrosion resistant heat exchanger (stainless steel) keep extended run return air temperatures above 65 degrees.
Stay tuned for part four.

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