Heat Exchanger Failure #1

burnerHeat Exchanger Failure Season is Coming!

(Ok, some call winter….whatever, same thing)
In the next few weeks many of you will be knee deep in failed heat exchangers; it’s how I know winter is on its way.
Some of you will replace the heat exchanger and move on to the next job, never giving the components early demise a second thought.
Others will blame the failure on newer equipment’s ‘thinner metal’ or ‘bad design’.

After all, the old systems lasted for years without a problem; why else would the new ones fail so soon.

I have a secret for you: most heat exchangers don’t die of old age…they they’re murdered!

Over the next few days (weeks?) we’ll post article addressing why the old heat exchangers lasted so long, and more importantly, why some of the new ones fail so soon.
Stay tuned and become enlightened.
Together we can stop the senseless killing of innocent heat exchangers!

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Patrick is Zen HVAC’s diagnostic and training guy.

Patrick started in the trade the day he left technical school and never looked back.

He’s served in various technical and training roles in the HVAC industry but specializes in system troubleshooting and diagnostics, retro commissioning, and technical training.

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