Excellent Customer Service; How to Walk the Talk

Everyone talks about how they provide “Excellent Customer Service”, but what does Excellent Customer Service mean?  If you ask 10 people, you’ll get 11 different answers.

Here’s an idea,  lets look at what customers think Excellent Customer Service is…..I know, I know, crazy talk….what was I thinking.

1. Tell the truth – This may seem silly, but no one likes being lied to, especially when they’re (you’re) spending their money.
2. Keep it simple – Don’t try dazzling them with horse-squeeze.  Use terms your customer can understand (use analogies….customers love analogies).
3. Give them options – People are uncomfortable when they’re not in control and options give them a feeling of being in control.
4. Go “Above and Beyond” – Consider keeping “loaner” equipment on hand.  I worked for a guy who had some window shakers in his shop.  We’d lend them a window shaker or two until we could get their system back online.  This shows the customer you care about them as much as you care about their money.

There are plenty of other ideas floating around out there, but this gives you a good start.  Remember the KISS method–Keep It Simple, Stupid.

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2 comments on “Excellent Customer Service; How to Walk the Talk
  1. Regardless of what tool, or tools, you use to evaluate your level of service, it’s the perfect way to identify those specific areas where there’s room for improvement. Speak with customers who have dealt with both businesses and ask their opinion on which company provided the best customer service.

  2. David London says:

    Appreciate your depth of knowledge; very well written!

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