Evaporator Coils Part 2: Multi-Circuit Coil Staging

Whos on first



  1. You have a two stage coil; what coil section is first stage?
  2. What coil section is second stage?
  3. Does it even matter?


  1. It depends.
  2. It depends.
  3. Most of the time.

Face-split, row-split or tube-split; they need to be staged correctly.


The leaving side should be first stage.


Humidity control. You never want condensate to flow onto warm coil fins; the moisture will re-evaporate into the air stream.

Row Split 1 2







The bottom must be 1st stage. The 2nd row is 2nd stage, the 3rd row is 3rd stage, and so on and so forth….


Humidity control. Condensate running over a warm coil will re-evaporate into the air-stream; always keep condensate flowing over a cold coil section.

Face Split 1 2








First stage should be nearest the outdoor air entry


Humidity control. This allows cooling and de-humidification of warm / humid ventilation air when only 1st stage is energized.

Tube Split 1 2






(Note: Tube split is very uncommon, you’ll probably never see one of these)


That’s it. Hey, they cant all be zingers…

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