Evaporator Coils Part 1: Multi-Circuit Coil Types

There’s more to a evaporator coil than most realize. Install, pipe, or stage them incorrectly and you will run into a number of problems.

You’re probably saying to yourself “Self, who cares?”

You do.

Installing, piping, or staging the coil incorrectly can result in

  1. Poor humidity control
  2. Compressor failures
  3. Condensate blow-off
  4. Oil logging
  5. Nasty rashes in unspeakable places

(I made number 5 up to get your attention…)

In this series of posts we will make you the Zen Master of evaporator coils.

We’re going to cover coil types, proper installation, proper staging, and diagnostics.

Multi-circuited evaporator coils come in three flavors:

Face-Split,  Row-Split,  Tube-Split.

Rather than explain the differences, we’re going to show you.

The red line in each picture represents how the coil circuits are split for each coil style.

Face split cuts the coil into a top and bottom circuit.

Face Split

Row split cuts the coil into front and back circuits

Tube Split

Tube split cuts the coil into left and right circuits.

Row Split














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