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Diagnostic Techs wouldn’t have anything to diagnose if it weren’t for installers.

Think of their job like; performing heart surgery, while standing on a ladder 12 feet in the air, in brutal summer heat, with someone welding steel I-Beams 20 feet away, while wearing a hard-hat, safety gloves, and a fall protection harness.

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Good news! Skilled trades are in demand! Question: does anyone care?

In Emily Prieffer’s article, The construction industry’s top workforce challenge — and 3 potential solutions, she found that 69% of general contractors are having a tough time filling craft positions. While the article is based on the construction industry its close relative, the

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Ammonia a 19th Century Solution to a 21st Century Problem ?

sometimes, the answers to the questions aren’t necessarily new. This week Kathy Jackson brought us her thoughts on a new / old solution to an relatively recent issue.

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Averaging Thermistors

From time to time someone asks about thermistor sensor averaging. Typical questions are: Why do I have to use four? Why do they have to be connected in series-parallel? What the heck is series parallel? Have you ever seen a

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Control Board Fails

Control Boards rarely fail, they’re usually misdiagnosed or murdered. When control boards do fail it’s normally an output contact failure caused by age or an electrical surge like lightning or a technician shuffling across carpet before touching it. It’s a

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Causes of High Space Humidity (In no particular order)

There are six primary causes of high space humidity.

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Evaporator Coils Part 4: Troubleshooting

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Evaporator Coils Part 3: Direction of Airflow

                      This is an easy one. Remember this rule for DX evaporator coils; Entering air meets leaving refrigerant. Leaving air hits entering refrigerant.

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Refrigerant R410a is Here to Stay

It’s time to accept R-410A as the new R-22 (at least for now) It may be hard to believe, but there are still technicians who think of R-410A as that “new fangled refrigerant with the crazy-high pressures that the ‘Man’

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Control transformers: Watt’s a VA?

It’s 4:50pm. The unit you’re working on has a blown control fuse. The supply houses close in 10 minutes, and it’s 20 minutes away. You scour every shelf, box, and bin in your truck looking for the ever elusive 3amp

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