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Nothing says winter has arrived like a failed heat exchanger…- Part 2; the RAT.

How does low RAT kill a heat exchanger? It cools the heat exchanger, in-turn causing the flue gas temperature to drop below its dew point.

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Nothing says winter has arrived like a failed heat exchanger…

Unfortunately heat exchangers are like everything else in our industry; few die of natural cause, most are murdered.

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Installation Clearances for HVAC

There are a billion ways to ball up an installation or replacement of HVAC equiptment…give or take a million. Fortunately, one of the most common mistakes is also easily avoidable; setting the unit. From access concerns to performance issues, there’s

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Control Board Troubleshooting- The Ins ‘n’ Outs

Electronics work just like you do; they determine what’s happening by looking at inputs like temperature and pressure, and decide what to do based on what they “see”. The only difference between your brain and electronics is you use your

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Causes of High Space Humidity (In no particular order)

There are six primary causes of high space humidity.

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Calculating Cooler Chilled Water Flow with a Thermometer

Tools you’ll need Thermometer Calculator Formula Brain

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All furnace air filters are the same, right?

A system you’ve been sservicing since it was new suddenly starts acting up. If it’s a furnace the high limit is tripping. If it’s an A/C unit the indoor coil is icing up. The strange part is it ran fine

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Anyone can clean a condenser coil, but how many do it right? Take three

How much is there to say about cleaning condenser coils? More than we thought! Part Three of our Condenser Coil Cleaning Trilogy came to being due to a comment left by Les of DiversiTech Corporation about our post titled “Anyone

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Anyone can clean a condenser coil, but how many do it right?

The answer to this question is; not many. This is one of those basic tasks that’s so easy no one thinks they need to be taught how to do correctly; and as with all things that appear simple on the

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The Condensate Trap Trap…trap…trap…

Condensate drains are one of the simplest components of an air conditioning system, and one of the most frustrating when there are problems. The concept is simple enough; water drips from the evaporator coil into a pan where it drains

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