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Cooling Towers Part 1: Basic Concept

One of our devout readers suggested we toss together some posts about cooling tower basics, maintenance, and troubleshooting. My first thought was- Good idea! My second thought was, why didn’t I think of that? Cooling towers are like air handlers

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Averaging Thermistors

From time to time someone asks about thermistor sensor averaging. Typical questions are: Why do I have to use four? Why do they have to be connected in series-parallel? What the heck is series parallel? Have you ever seen a

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Control Board Troubleshooting- The Ins ‘n’ Outs

Electronics work just like you do; they determine what’s happening by looking at inputs like temperature and pressure, and decide what to do based on what they “see”. The only difference between your brain and electronics is you use your

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Control Board Fails

Control Boards rarely fail, they’re usually misdiagnosed or murdered. When control boards do fail it’s normally an output contact failure caused by age or an electrical surge like lightning or a technician shuffling across carpet before touching it. It’s a

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The In (puts) and Out (puts) of Control Boards

A Control board looks at inputs and generates outputs based on the inputs it sees. That’s it. Let’s put this in perspective- Input= you hit your thumb with a hammer. Output= you swear. If the input doesn’t happen (hammer hitting

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Introduction to Electronic Control Troubleshooting

    If you don’t know how to troubleshoot electronics you’re job is in jeopardy. Heating and cooling equipment with integrated electronics is here to stay; it wasn’t a fad, it’s not limited to “high-end” equipment, and it’s not going

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Causes of High Space Humidity (In no particular order)

There are six primary causes of high space humidity.

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Evaporator Coils Part 2: Multi-Circuit Coil Staging

  Questions: You have a two stage coil; what coil section is first stage? What coil section is second stage? Does it even matter? Answers: It depends. It depends. Most of the time. Face-split, row-split or tube-split; they need to

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Evaporator Coils Part 1: Multi-Circuit Coil Types

There’s more to a evaporator coil than most realize.

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Do Your Duct Plenums Blow? (Some Pun Intended)

What do frozen DX coils, tripped furnace limits, failed ECM motors, failed heat exchangers, and failed compressors all have in common? Answer: Probably poor plenums. Before you say to yourself; “Self, I don’t need to read this; I know how

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