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Ammonia a 19th Century Solution to a 21st Century Problem ?

sometimes, the answers to the questions aren’t necessarily new. This week Kathy Jackson brought us her thoughts on a new / old solution to an relatively recent issue.

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Cooling Towers Part 2: Measuring Performance with Range and Approach

There are two terms you need to understand if you want to sound somewhat competent when describing a tower’s performance: Approach and Range. Range is the temperature difference between the inlet water and the outlet water. The formula is EWT

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Cooling Towers Part 1: Basic Concept

One of our devout readers suggested we toss together some posts about cooling tower basics, maintenance, and troubleshooting. My first thought was- Good idea! My second thought was, why didn’t I think of that? Cooling towers are like air handlers

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Introduction to Electronic Control Troubleshooting

    If you don’t know how to troubleshoot electronics you’re job is in jeopardy. Heating and cooling equipment with integrated electronics is here to stay; it wasn’t a fad, it’s not limited to “high-end” equipment, and it’s not going

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Causes of High Space Humidity (In no particular order)

There are six primary causes of high space humidity.

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Evaporator Coils Part 2: Multi-Circuit Coil Staging

  Questions: You have a two stage coil; what coil section is first stage? What coil section is second stage? Does it even matter? Answers: It depends. It depends. Most of the time. Face-split, row-split or tube-split; they need to

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Evaporator Coils Part 1: Multi-Circuit Coil Types

There’s more to a evaporator coil than most realize.

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Calculating Cooler Chilled Water Flow with a Thermometer

Tools you’ll need Thermometer Calculator Formula Brain

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Refrigerant R410a is Here to Stay

It’s time to accept R-410A as the new R-22 (at least for now) It may be hard to believe, but there are still technicians who think of R-410A as that “new fangled refrigerant with the crazy-high pressures that the ‘Man’

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Diagnosing Condenser Fan Motor and Blade Failures

The system ran trouble free for years (don’t they all?) Then the condenser fan motor failed. The failure may be electrical or mechanical, it doesn’t really matter because the end result is the same; you need to replace the motor.

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