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Calculating Air Flow for Air Handling Units

Calculating Rooftop Unit Air Flow

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Top Causes of Propane Sooting

What causes sooting? Why are some units’ chronic sooters? More importantly, how do you stop the @#$%&* sooting?

The root cause is one (or more) of the three problems below, and the root-cause/s of each described in the second list.

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Optimists Need Not Apply; Embracing Your Negative Side.

If you’ve been in the HVAC service industry for more than 5 minutes you’ve probably noticed the really good technicians are some of the most miserable, grumpy SOB’s you’ve ever met.

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Heat Exchanger Failure # 4 – Firing Rate.

How can firing rate affect heat exchanger longevity? If the firing rate is too low, its that same as having low return air temperatures (RAT). Condensation will form, mix with the flue gas and cause corrosion. A high firing rate

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Heat Exchanger Failure #3 – Air Flow.

How can air flow cause a heat exchanger to fail? Too much airflow causes the heat exchanger to run cool causing condensation to form inside, and if you read the previous articles you know what that means.   (If you

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Nothing says winter has arrived like a failed heat exchanger…- Part 2; the RAT.

How does low RAT kill a heat exchanger? It cools the heat exchanger, in-turn causing the flue gas temperature to drop below its dew point.

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Nothing says winter has arrived like a failed heat exchanger…

Unfortunately heat exchangers are like everything else in our industry; few die of natural cause, most are murdered.

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Thought of the Day

Think about it; the machines we work on are no different than any other machine. Do pickup trucks break down? Yes. Do they normally break down for no reason? No. Show me a truck with a blown transmission and I’ll

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What is Superheat and Subcooling? The Ying and Yang of Air Conditioning

Together they let you take a peek into the inner workings of the magic known as refrigeration, separately they’re about useless. It seems everyone is fascinated with super heat. They’re quick to add refrigerant if the superheat is “high”, or

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