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Less Than Credible Online Buffoons

Warn your customers not to blindly follow advice found on the internet; you’ll be doing them a favor, and possibly saving their life.

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Calming down an angry customer by listening

As a sales rep, manager and a business owner, I’ve often had to tell a customer something that they didn’t want to here.  Sometimes, it simply is was it is. The part is out of stock.   We double booked.

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Excellent Customer Service; How to Walk the Talk

Here’s an idea, lets look at what customers think Excellent Customer Service is…..I know, I know, crazy talk….what was I thinking.

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What Does the Customer Really think: Reading Body Language

Want to increase sales? Want to know what your customer really thinks? Want to stop wasting time trying to make a sale that just isn’t going to happen? learn to read body language. No joke, the customer’s body language will

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