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Less Than Credible Online Buffoons

Warn your customers not to blindly follow advice found on the internet; you’ll be doing them a favor, and possibly saving their life.

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80% of Sales Happen after 87% of Sales People Give Up

2% of new business sales are made on the 1st contact 3% of new business sales are made on the 2nd contact 5% of new business sales are made on the 3rd contact 10% of new business sales are made

Calming down an angry customer by listening

As a sales rep, manager and a business owner, I’ve often had to tell a customer something that they didn’t want to here.  Sometimes, it simply is was it is. The part is out of stock.   We double booked.

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The HVAC Technician’s Career Path Guide -Part 1

Once an HVAC technician, always a HVAC technician?

Don’t bet on it.

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Call me a HVAC“Contractor” one-more-time…I dare you. Part-1

We employ Technicians who maintain, diagnose and repair complicated machinery…don’t represent yourself as, or compete with something you’re not.

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Good news! Skilled trades are in demand! Question: does anyone care?

In Emily Prieffer’s article, The construction industry’s top workforce challenge — and 3 potential solutions, she found that 69% of general contractors are having a tough time filling craft positions. While the article is based on the construction industry its close relative, the

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The Future of Your Business is Directly Related To Your Workforce

…no matter how well you run your business, no matter how well you project the next quarter’s sales, no matter how well you train your technicians, it’s over in 10 or 20 years.

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I’ve been doing this for 20 years

HVAC technicians are quick to tell trainers “I’ve been doing this for 20 years” And, we’ve all heard the old sayings, “Work smarter, not harder”  Measure twice, cut once”  “There’s no reason to re-invent the wheel” “Don’t eat the yellow

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Excellent Customer Service; How to Walk the Talk

Here’s an idea, lets look at what customers think Excellent Customer Service is…..I know, I know, crazy talk….what was I thinking.

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Internet Security Part 2-Password Don’ts

Your username and password are you first line of defense for keeping your online information and accounts safe. Don’t not change your password Frequency No matter how strong your passwords are, if your bank, credit card company or email host gets