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The Real Cost of Meetings

Time Simple math, 10 people sitting in a room for an hour is not one hour, it is 10 hours. Cost Ten people averaging $35/hr sitting in a room for an hour costs $350 Opportunity Cost If those 10 people

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Internet Security-Part 3-Password Do’s

Hopefully in Internet Security-Part, Password Don’ts, I convinced you how important strong passwords are. What is a strong password? An 8 digit numbers only password only has 99,999,999 possible combinations. How long do you think that would take a computer

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Internet Security Part 2-Password Don’ts

Your username and password are you first line of defense for keeping your online information and accounts safe. Don’t not change your password Frequency No matter how strong your passwords are, if your bank, credit card company or email host gets

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Internet Security Part 1

I just heard on the news yesterday that a bunch of big email host, including Yahoo and Gmail, just got hacked and that is was a good idea to reset my password.  Come on, Gmail is Google!  If Google can

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Intelligence and Limitations

“In one view, intelligence is something you demonstrate; in the other, it’s something you develop.”   Daniel Pink, “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” Do you believe intelligence is something that, is what it is, and that we

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So why are we still doing this?

“Are we even capable of explaining the status quo, or is the way we do things set merely because we forgot that we could do it better?”  Seth Godin Remember the term “Bankers Hours“? When I was growing up in

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The Power of Being Wrong

One of the most liberating days of my life, was the day that I realized it was okay to be wrong.  Up until that time, I hated being wrong.  I hated it even more when someone else was wrong and

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I’m too busy, I don’t have the time to…

I’m too busy, I don’t have the time to… I’ve heard it and I’ve said it more times than I care to remember. Really, you couldn’t find five minutes in your busy day (and yes some of us are actually

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Life Hack-There is a time to worry

Hello my name is Kevin and I’m a recovering worrier.  If you’re at all like me, you know that it is exhausting to have your mind constantly going, and it’s even more exhausting when you’re ruminating on the negatives. So

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Website Tip #2-Get Geographic on it!

When I’m looking for a local business, I’d like to know whether or not you services my area before I waste both your’s and my time emailing or calling you.  What exactly does “Servicing Central Connecticut” actually mean?   Why

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