Anyone can clean a condenser coil, but how many do it right? Take three

imagesHow much is there to say about cleaning condenser coils? More than we thought! Part Three of our Condenser Coil Cleaning Trilogy came to being due to a comment left by Les of DiversiTech Corporation about our post titled “Anyone can clean a condenser coil, but how many do it right?”
He agreed with us (a great way to get our attention!)

about coil brightening solutions damaging aluminum coil fins, but he also informed us of a coil cleaning solution they offer that is suitable for use on both evaporator and condenser coils, does not attack aluminum or copper, and has a higher water-to-solution mixing ratio than most cleaners; meaning, a little does a long way.
He also led us to a fantastic video they have on U tube that demonstrates the effect that acidic coil cleaners can have on aluminum. (You MUST watch this video to appreciate the potential damage that can be done to aluminum coil fins!)
The coil cleaner is called Triple D and is available in liquid concentrate, spray, aerosol, and dry granular.
I have always been a fan of dry granular coil cleaner for one reason- it doesn’t make a mess of your truck. If you’ve been in the industry for more than a year you’ve probably had oil or coil cleaner spill on you service truck self.
Cleaning up the spill isn’t too bad; the terrible part is the damage it does to whatever else was on the shelf with it. I’ve had meters take baths in oil and electronic thermostats take a dip in coil cleaner; both of which were thrown away. No such worries with dry chemical.
Basic safety practice is still required when using ANY cleaning solution; wear safety glasses and protect yourself accordingly with the proper gear! Read the directions on the chemicals label and follow them precisely!
You also have to be sure the coil manufacturer allows the cleaner to be used on their coils. Never use a chemical coil cleaner on, E- Coat coils, Heresite coated coils, or Micro channel coils (just to name a few) before consulting the coil manufacturer. Using the wrong coil cleaner on these coils can destroy the protective coating and possibly the coil itself.


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